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You don't have to break the bank to achieve high quality astroimages
In Cheap Astrophotography I select for astromodification brand new cameras or those with
low shutter count as well as in good cosmetic condition.
All the cameras have had their sensors checked for scratches or dead pixels. Time and weather permitting, I make an effort to test them in prime focus with my 1000mm FL reflector telescope and Evostar ED80 apochromatic refractor.
I sell either brand new astrocameras or select those that have only been used in normal daylight photography. This extends their life expectancy as the long exposures needed in astroimaging put a great deal of strain on the sensor.
In this modification, The IR filter has been removed, whilst retaining the LP1 UV filter to avoid star bloating in refractors. In these cameras, the optical assembly includes two filters.

LP1 Filter. This filter is not removed.
LP1 Filter. This filter is not removed.
This modification leaves the LP1 (front) filter in place and the sensor remains sealed and protected. Also the piezo vibrator which removes small dust particles from the front filter remains fully operational. This filter blocks UV and IR light with a very sharp cut off at the edges of the visible spectrum. The filter blocks UV and IR very effectively and is of very high quality.
IR Filter.
In a dual filter camera, the rear of the two filters blocks UV and IR and visible light well in to the red end of the spectrum, only transmitting an average of around 25% of the available red light which is why this filter is removed.
IR Filter.

This is a single 6 minutes sub taken with an astromodified Canon EOS 450D. Notice how much Hydrogen alpha emission the camera has been able to capture.

Great care is taken in the modification procedure. I routinely use an antistatic mat, a mask and gloves when working with the optical train. I also use an antistatic wrist strap and keep filters and sensor inside sealed containers to keep them dust free.  Every disassembled component is kept in an antistatic bag during the process.

In my camera astro modifications I will re-shim the optical train so the camera will maintain the autofocus capability. It will also be able to achieve focus to infinity with any lens.

Here you can see some examples of my work. First a flat frame taken through an Evostar ED80 F7.5 with focal reducer on an Aurora flat panel. You can also see some comparison shots between a stock camera and my cameras after modification so you can see how accurate the re-shimming of the sensor has been in keeping autofocus with different lenses. Noticed that the red tinge typical of astromodified cameras will be corrected for daylight photography when you use AUTOWB 

Stock Canon 1100D  autofocus with  18-55mm lens

Astromodified Canon 1100D autofocus with 18-55mm lens

You are welcome to collect your camera personally or have it sent by Royal Mail special delivery (£11). International shipping is also available (please contact for delivery rates).
Bank transfer or cheque are also accepted.

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Return policy
If you are unhappy with your purchase I offer a full seven day money back guarantee upon return of goods for the full purchase price of the item excluding p&p. Hopefully, this will give you a chance to use the camera in prime focus during this period of time.
When items are returned, it is your responsibility to pay the shipping costs incurred when the goods are sent back.
If you receive an item broken or damaged, I will happily refund / exchange  for a replacement provided that I am contacted regarding the damages within 5 days of receipt of goods, and that goods are returned in as-sold condition. Returns cannot be accepted without prior communication.

Thank you for considering an item from Cheapastrophotography.
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